Talks from Dad

Most of us guys have had it. The talk from our dads about not making the “huge mistake.” Yeah most of us know all about it. Our dad’s all tell us they were young once too and that they are telling us to be careful because they don’t want to see us throw away our lives because of one bad choice. If you haven’t guessed what I’m hinting at, I’ll just tell you now that getting a girl pregnant is something that most dad’s talk about with their son’s.

For some of us kid’s, the talk is somewhat embarrassing. We like to blow it off with the typical answer of “I know dad.” Kid’s think that they have all the answers to problems. However, I know a couple kid’s who have made the big mistake by just not being careful enough. Sometime’s contraception fails you and when that happens, your really in some trouble.

When my dad had this talk with me, it was kind of awkward I’m not going to lie. I even gave the typical teenage boy answer “I know dad.” However, afterward’s, I thought about what having a kid would be like. My parents would most likely temporarily throw me out of the house. They would no longer help me financially. I would probably have to quit school and find a job. My life as I know it now would change dramatically.

So after giving it some second thought, the sex talk with my dad was allot more valuable to me than I had originally thought. It made me realize that everything can change and life would be hell with one bad choice.

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The Cherry Orchard: Acting Brings the Play to Life

After reading the Cherry Orchard in my FLC English class, the play seemed so boring, I couldn’t see how anyone would enjoy it or appreciate it. I was not able to interpret any heart-felt emotions and the plot seemed to me depressing from start to finish. It seemed like each character was living in a state of sadness with no hope for further improvement.

After seeing the Cherry Orchard on November 12 at Rodey Theatre, my outlook on the play changed completely. Each character came to life, had a unique personality, and portrayed their roles perfectly. One character that I particularly enjoyed was Lophakin. His character was full of emotion even from the start. He was passionate about trying to help the family save their estate. However, the end of the play displayed his best acting performance after he purchased the Cherry Orchard and repeatedly yelled “The Cherry Orchard is Mine!” These words demonstrated the powerful character that Lopakin was and even more so the incredible acting performance displayed.

Seeing the play also made me look at certain character’s allot differently. The character Petya was one that I saw as bland and I really couldn’t see his purpose in the plays storyline. However, after watching the play, his character made allot more sense. I saw that he served as somewhat of the “voice of reason” for the family. He had a very high level of intellectual thinking that was displayed very clearly by the actor.

The acting in the play definitely gave it more of an exuberant and emotional feeling. Just reading the play gives readers a boring and distasteful outlook. However, witnessing the acting performances live surely does bring the play to life.

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The Objectification of Women in Today’s Society: Their Choice or Their Way of Survival

After watching a series of music videos in which women were almost completely naked and were dancing and portraying sexual activity with men it seems like today’s society has lost some respect for women. The gender of a women certainly is degraded after viewing such seens and women are looked at as material possessions other than actual people. Why would women want to expose themselves to millions of viewers in a way that only portrays their physical characteristics? Is it because like the idea of expoing themselves to the stars in whose videos they are in? Or is it because sometimes they must take this job because it is the only way to provide themselves with resources to survive?

Some women like the idea of exposing their bodies in music vidoes. For one, they get meet and associate themselves with the stars that they enamour themselves with. They may even enjoy the fact that they must “try out” for the part. These women see the job as a glamorous social oppurtunity  in which they will they will recieve publicity and easy money for an easy job. They have no problem with showing their bodies if it means that they will get to hang out with celebrities and making good money.

However, other women are different. Some don’t like showing their bodies to everyone and “trying out” for the part. These women take this job because they have no other choice. This is a job that some of these women can make a $250-300 for rehersals and from $350-500 for the actual shoot. So for an entire video and each rehersal, a woman can make close to two thousand dollars. If the artist likes them, they can continue to become part of the group and sometimes even make a career out of it. Showing off your body for money sure does beat prostitution and other minimum wage jobs.

There is not doubt that today’s society has degraded women as objects instead of people especially with their portrayal in music vidoes. My stance on the issue of women’s fall in society lies between the two sides. For those women who enjoy exposing their bodies and portraying sexual activity, there are just as many that are “performing the job” to survive. This is a job where you can make a fairly decent amount of money for taking off your clothes, dancing, and looking good naked. It sure isn’t prostitution, and it sure isn’t living life on minimum wage. This job allows women to use their feminine traits to make their lives easier. Women may not like the fact that they are exposing themselves, but they sure do like the fact that that’s all it takes to make money.

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Sex Gone Bad

In our Theater Appreciation class, we are devising a play that includes scenes will portray many different types of relationships. They vary on a range of topics including sex, friendly advice, cheating and much more. Each scene portrays a different angle on how romantic relationships function in today’s modern society.

The technical design team has been asked by our instructor to display images throughout the play that will give the audience a better understanding of what they play is about. Focusing on one scene in particular, I have found an image that I believe portrays the scene perfectly. The first scene I am focusing on is Cinderella and Prince-Bad honeymoon Sex

This image shows a couple in bed and both have their backs turned to each other. It is showing its viewers that maybe bed time didn’t go as well as planned. This will help explain our honeymoon bad sex scene because it will give the audience a view the image before the scene and get the idea that the scene has to do with “bad sex.”

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Do Fairy Tales Come True?

After seeing a presentation of music videos and how they portray dating relationships, Taylor Swifts Love Story caught my attention. The video portrayed a modern day Rome0 and Juliet relationship in which eventually the girl and the boy fall in love happily ever after just like a fairy tale. My question is, do relationships really turn out this good?

Relationships are tough that’s for sure. Sometimes they don’t turn out all well and good. For example, a lot the time families argue, people cheat, partners argue, and relationships just turn out for the worst. Look at the movie The Break Up with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn. These two could not overcome their strong personalities to keep their relationship going.

Then there are the relationships that do turn out happily ever after. They overcome their differences and are able to keep the love that they have always had. Take the movie Bruce Almighty. (I know you might think this is a terrible example but keep reading). Jim Carey cheats on Jennifer Anniston and has to re-evaluate his life and see what is really important before he can get her back. At the end he prays to God telling her he wants her to find someone who treats her with the kindness that she deserved when she was with him. He was able to get her back, but it wasn’t easy.

Looking at both sides, I have come to one conclusion. Fairy Tales can come true but there not as harmonious and easy as they seem to be. Relationships are extremely fragile and take allot to keep them going. One wrong move or one wrong thing said can lead to the end. To keep a relationship going, you have to make sacrifices. Fairy Tales are real, just not as real as we want them to be.

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Hovering Mother’s

Yes, our mom’s can be a little much allot of the time. Not for all of us, but for some, mother’s just want to know every little thing that goes on in our lives. They ask question after question and sometimes were just not in the mood.

They’ll call just to see how your day went. Casual conversation will turn into a long series of questions that have no end. Eventually, you have to be rude and tell her something that you end up regretting two seconds later.

Mom’s can’t help it. They just care and some times they just call to hear their child’s voice. There not trying to get on our nerves, they just wanna be part of our lives and who can blame them for that?

Yes the questions can be annoying. And, yeah after a long day, maybe the last thing you wanna do is talk to someone. But before we take out are misfortunes on our mother’s, we must realize that they are the ones who care about us the most, and we should be greatful that we have someone that we can always talk to no matter what.

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Tough Living Conditions

What can I say? Living on Campus at any University is tough given the gruesome living conditions. The food is mediocre, the bed’s are small, a one person room is shared between two people, and sleep comes by only once and a great while. To sum it all up, living on campus sucks.

Some students have no choice. They came from out of town, and either couldn’t find an apartment or their parents forced them to live on campus. For those students who didn’t have much of a choice, you have my sympathy.

However, there are some of us students who moved on campus thinking that residence life would be heaven compared to life at home. Let me just say this: We have made a huge mistake.

Think about it, we are paying $4,000 to live in a box using bathrooms that are shared by 15 or more students and for food that is essentially the same thing every day. Is it worth it? Did we waste our’s or our parents money by living on campus?

Yes we sure as hell did. I’ll end by saying this. The food’s not getting any better, were not going to get individual bathrooms to ourselves and our rooms aren’t getting any bigger any time soon.

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